Floral Notebook 10 (Orien Collection)

Floral Notebook 10 (slide 1)Floral Notebook 10 (slide 2)Floral Notebook 10 (slide 3)Floral Notebook 10
Floral Notebook 10 (slide 1)
Floral Notebook 10 (slide 2)
Floral Notebook 10 (slide 3)
Floral Notebook 10

Floral Notebook 10 (Orien Collection)


Safiyyah’s floral notebooks are unique. There is no print the same and, they are all made from creatively-recycled sample scarves which would have been destined for landfill. All of Safiyyah’s floral notebooks are handmade by craftsman who use traditional bookbinding methods and would make perfect gifts for stationary lovers and for anyone who loves any kind of journaling.

If you are looking for a completely unique floral gift or would like to treat yourself to something nice, then one of Safiyyah’s floral notebooks would be perfect.

Heavy weight plain paper. Coloured Ribbon page marker. 50 pages. 15cm W x 21cm H

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